Stony Brook University iCREATE and our partners are holding InnovateIT, an multidisciplinary hackathon for students to collaborate and envision their next big idea across various mediums. This hackathon style event offers you the opportunity to build something that can help the greater world.

InnovateIT is the hackathon that wants to see your ideas come to life.  We have resources ranging from multimedia software to laser cutters and much more available for the participants' use. We want you to make a difference in the world, or just your campus community by designing solutions to real problems.


You must be in a team of 5 students or less.

Hackathon Sponsors


$450 in prizes

Science and Technology

Business Proposal

Grassroots Activism/Public Policy

First-Time Hackers

You can only submit for this category if it is the first time all team members have attended a hackathon style event.

Honorable Mention

Best use of Google Cloud Platform

This is only for teams using GCP technologies.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

How to Submit Your Project on Devpost


Your Devpost submission is how you will enter your project for judging. Only one person per team needs to make the post.


For your Devpost post, make sure: 

- You have at least 15 minutes to fill out the submission form. 

- If you have slides or materials to present, be sure to ADD A LINK in your submission that is public (e.g. make sure your Google Slides are set to public sharing)

- Everyone's full name must be included (we need your name for prizes!) 

- You pick out the category you want to submit your hack for! (You can submit to 1 category which applies to your project ) 

- You must submit your hack by 2:45PM on Saturday 3/30 


Please include all You can make edits to your Devpost after your initial submission. 


Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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